01. Choose your style
From casual to red carpet, we’ve got garments to suit every size and style. We’ve made it as simple as possible to shop our selection, so the hardest thing you need to do is decide which outfit to pick! Got something special in mind? Contact us for our own custom-made garments.
02. Take Your Measurement

Size is just a number, of course — but we need those numbers to ensure your new garment fits you like a glove. Not sure where to start? Follow our step by step video guide and complete your personal measurement profile.

03. Place your order... and we do the rest!
LaShadé Designs takes your measurements and your selection to craft the perfect handmade outfit for your unique body. In 10-15 business days, we’ll have an order on its way to your door.


It is our commitment to give you a 100% accurate fit. If you have followed through our How To Measure video, your garment should feel and look great on you. Please contact our team at info@lashadedesigns.com, schedule a video conference or an appointment at our studio, if you need further assistance.