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The Story Behind LaShadé Designs

LaShadé Designs helps women feel more like themselves in stylish clothes that fit comfortably. We take the hassle out of shopping by designing custom couture for your body and style. Submit your measurements online or come to our studio and work closely with our team to create a garment that’s perfectly YOU. Click here to learn more about our design process.


As a tall, curvy woman, Olashade found it difficult to find clothing fit her soul and frame…. So, she created it! All of LaShadé Designs’s clothing is custom-made to your measurements to take the anxiety out of shopping for the latest fashions. Send us your measurements via our Measurement Profile, select and order your garment and we do the rest — or, visit our studio and work with us directly to design the custom garment of your dreams.


LaShadé Designs creates garments that empower you to look and feel like the best version of yourself. Using fabrics and patterns inspired by cultures all over the world, from Europe to Africa, LaShadé Designs celebrates the diversity and multiculturalism that makes us unique. Catering to ALL bodies of ALL abilities, our designs encourage you to embrace what makes you, YOU!

We know how important the perfect fit is to feeling confident in your clothes. Our individualized Measurement Profile ensures you get the perfect size every time.
We create all of our clothing to order -- meaning every piece fits YOUR personal style!
At LaShadé Designs, we strive to make the custom design process seamless from start to finish.
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